Data loss within Skyvia platform

Data loss within Skyvia platform

On April 12th I used Connectors on Hubspot and ASANA and successfully completed data backups of each. 

They both finished successfully, and without errors. The data and the associated activity log of events was visible in the dashboard.  The data backups were not particularly large and we're definitely under 1GB total. 

Fast forward to today. The Connectors and Backup objects are present, but the backup data from both jobs has 'disappeared' and there is nothing showing in the activity logs for thos Backup objects. It's as though they never ran at all. 

I'm currently on a free plan testing out the platform to see if it will be suitable for automated ETL and SaaS backups. 

This doesn't leave me reassured. 

There is nothing in the knowledge base or free plan limitations that explain why the data and log history of the backups is gone. I even checked that the 'Autoclean' feature was set to OFF on the Storage details of the Backup plan. 

Was there some kind of failure and reversion to an older version of data in the last month? What happened to my data?