FreshService ITAM to JIRA assets migration

FreshService ITAM to JIRA assets migration

Im looking at migrating a massive ITAM database from FreshService to JIRA Service Management assets using Skyvia.  Has anyone here attempted something similar before?

The process is proving to me much more complex than expected because of the lack of design recommendations on the JSM side for asset schemas, mapping of fields, etc. 
They also don't have any of this pre-built or template examples. 

Frustratingly, Atlassian has also not built a migration tool for customers coming from FreshService that works in JIRA Cloud. They have migration tools for just about every other commonly used ITAM platform however. 

From what I can gather, I should be able to do all of this with Skyvia. 

If anyone has any recommendations/guidance or previous experience migrating between different ITAM solutions using Skyvia, is there any advice you'd be willing to give?

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