Paid backup plans no 'unlimited'. Purging everything after 30 days

Paid backup plans no 'unlimited'. Purging everything after 30 days


I've opened a separate support ticket email for this ( #40169 ), but would like to see this addressed in the community forum for transparency. 

We are on a paid Backup plan have been since May of this year. 

One of the "cornerstone" features that convinced us to use Skyvia was the the promise of "Snapshot Storing time: Unlimited"

What we have just discovered is that "Unlimited" means 30 Days. 

All of our backups across every platform, whether they were configured for daily or weekly backups, only have 30 DAYS of history, at most. 

All of said backups have existed for AT MINIMUM several months. 

Good thing we didn't have a Cryptolocker attack on any of the databases we use Skyvia to backup, because we would be out of luck. By all accounts when I look at the data, we would only be able to go back in time 30 days. 

The 'Activity log' also doesn't go back any further than 30 days. 

This is not "Unlimited". Assuming this is not simply some UI anomaly, then its verging on major negligence and false advertising. 

I'm a big fan of Skyvia, but there have been a few moments like this that have seriously "spooked" me as to whether my trust is well placed. You have managed to address the various security and reliability concerns each time, and the service from your team sets a high bar for competitors. 
But this is another level if true. 

Please tell me this has some reasonable explanation and that our "Unlimited snapshots" past 30 days haven't been getting purged. 

Note that we have 'Auto Purge' turned OFF and have not configured (or found the option to configure) anything that would limit the account to only 30 days worth of updates.