SFTP file masking capabilities

SFTP file masking capabilities

I recently had the requirement of processing a csv file from an SFTP source with Skyvia and when I attempted to grab the file using a file mask, I was unable to create a mask that could grab the file by date and ignore the irrelevant part of the filename.  Is it possible to ignore part of the filename with file masking?

For instance:

Filename = MyFile_2023_10_11_01_20_56_DATA.csv
Filemask = MyFile _{YYYY_MM_DD}_??_??_??_DATA.csv

The numbers at the end of the filename (_01_20_56) represent minutes, seconds, and milliseconds that I don't care about.  How do I tell Skyvia that I don't care about that part?  I have no way of knowing the exact time that a file was created, I just need to grab the file based on the day and ignore the rest.  Is there any way to do that?