Sorting by Ascending Problem

Sorting by Ascending Problem

This issue was brought up a couple weeks ago, and we've troubleshooted with Salesforce to the point of determining this must be something to do with Skyvia connection to our database.

On any Contact page in Salesforce, we display several related lists:
Total Historical Purchases (simply calculates a customer's total spend)
Open Orders (displays a list of an open orders the customer has)
Open Service Order Items (displays a list of any service order items / repairs or parts)
Completed Order (displays the customers already invoiced orders)
Completed Order Items (displays line items from completed orders)

The single section, or related list, that has trouble is the Completed Order section. If anyone chooses to sort the External ID in ascending order, the section times out and shows a timeout error like this: EXTERNAL_OBJECT_EXCEPTION: The remote operation timed out. Try again later. If the error persists, contact Salesforce Customer Support. Attempted to reach this URL:

If the user selects to sort by the column again (descending), or by any other column header,  the information populates to the section without any issues.

The video is too large to attach, so here is a link:
The title is
(the others are from an issue earlier today)