Zoho Projects automation - Insert task failures on specific fields

Zoho Projects automation - Insert task failures on specific fields

I have been trying out the new automation tools, finding them pretty cool but having some headaches with the Zoho Projects connector. To be honest I think the issue is Zoho's absolute mess of a schema (and lack of consistency therein).

I have an action to insert a task. If I input values to just the ProjectId and name fields, it works. Where I am having issues is in two places:

1. Start Date and End Date fields. No matter what combination of date format I try (maybe 10-15 or more so far), I get an error "Input Parameter Does not Match the Pattern Specified" when inserting the task. 

I have queried these fields + tried copy-pasting existing values from the database as test data. It still throws the same error.

2. Custom Fields seem to be stored in an array containing a column name, label name and value for each field. You can see a sample in the screenshot of the query above.
  1. [{"column_name":"UDF_CHAR1","label_name":"Test Field 1","value":"Test Value 1"},{"column_name":"UDF_CHAR2","label_name":"Test Field 2","value":"Test Value 2"}]
On the task insertion side, I can't seem to find a way to insert values in this format. I assume I would use an Object Map or an Array Map? Any suggestions appreciated.