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Ibha Gupta posted this 4 days ago


I am running upsert and update mapping in skyvia. my first question is, does Skyvia support multiple packages to run at a time? Second question is, the same mapping was running yesterday but today it is getting failed. And giving me the error of (400) Bad request.

package number: 39975757

Package no: 39976521



Ibha Gupta


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 4 days ago

 Hello Ibha,


Skyvia supports running several packages at the same time.

We have studied the log files of your packages. Salesforce returns the error: "ApiBatchItems Limit exceeded."


You can find your batch statistics in the Salesforce admin panel. For more information, please refer to https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.api_asynch.meta/api_asynch/asynch_api_concepts_limits.htm


Thus, you will be able to run your package the next day, when the limit will be reset.


Please also check https://docs.skyvia.com/connectors/cloud-sources/Salesforce_API_and_API_Calls.html


Best regards,


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Ibha Gupta posted this 2 days ago

Thanks for support and answers to my questions. I got the data loading works after 24 hours and we can check this limit as Bulk data APi in salesforce. As it allows 10000 api calls per day/24 hours. And shows the API calls consumed per day.

Ibha Gupta posted this yesterday

Again, i got this issue with 1 of my file which had only 28k records and it consumed whole limit for the day and stopped in between after reaching the limit of 10000 api calls. 

I checked about the api calls via skyvia and there is no long text or many lookups(only 1 lookup in the mapping). Then how it can consume the limit of 10000 api calls.

could you please check if something is wrong in the job #40133155. I am not able to work with this limitation and also my file runs very slow. I am reading this file from SFTP server but I dont think that SFTP location has anything with speed or api call limits.

Please suggest, I have so many files like this to upload in Salesforce.



Ibha Gupta