A task was canceled.

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Jessie Traynor posted this 12 October 2020

Package  - 1 - SQL to HSI Prod - Accounts - Daily

PackageId = 109537


Could you guys please provide more details on why this error is hapenning?


Thank you

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Jay Ong posted this 13 October 2020

Hi Jessie,


A number of my Import Packages failed with the same error overnight as well - A task was canceled. [Code: PG_01]. I hope it can be fixed soon. I have emailed support directly with details of my issues. I hope yours gets resolved soon.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 13 October 2020

Hello Jessie and Jay,


Thank you for contacting our Skyvia Team!


Sorry for the inconvenience with this. This error was on our side and we have already fixed it. We are doing our best to prevent this issue from happening again.

Please run your packages again and tell us if this works.


Best regards,