Ability to Set Batch Size

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Aaron Blackledge posted this 3 days ago

I have read many posts on others asking about the ability to set batch size when importing data in Salesforce.com. I know this isn't available now but just wanted to know if there is any timeline on when this might be implemented. I have used many "middleware" solutions and SkyVia defintely offers a lot over those products. However, anyone doing data work with Salesforce must have the ablity to set batch size to deal with CPU limit issues, etc. Please consider adding this to your product so folks like myself can use it long term.


Thank you!

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 2 days ago

Hello Aaron,


Yes, unfortunately, it's not possible to change the batch size in Skyvia. We have added your email to our feature request. Once there are any details regarding this, we will let you know. Currently, there is no ETA.


Regarding decreasing API usage, you can run packages at a different time and try turning on/off the "Use Bulk API " option in the Salesforce connection in Skyvia.


By default, Skyvia uses Salesforce SOAP API to query data from Salesforce and Bulk API to load data to Salesforce:



Best regards,


Aaron Blackledge posted this 2 days ago

Thank you Mariia! I currently toggle back and fourth between SOAP and bulk API but unfortuntely it provides limited relief for the issues I am currently experiencing. Certainly look forward to seeing user defined batch size added in the future! It's the only issue keeping me from using SkyVia exclusively for Saleforce data work.