Adding Account/Organization ID on Insert ActiveCampaign Contact

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Layne Runyon posted this 25 August 2021


I would like to ask how we can add the OrgId or Account ID when we insert contacts to ActiveCampaign?

I was able to add the OrgId before but when we created a new package with almost the same settings I cannot find OrgId inside the mapping section. I would like to add Account ID to the new contact. 

We include the Account ID in our CSV file. It was detected during Source Definition, but when we go to the Mapping Definition section, Account was not included.

How can we fix this issue?

Hope to hear back from your team.



Olena Romanchuk posted this 30 August 2021

Hello Layne,

We have recently updated our ActiveCampaign connector according to the provider's updated API documentation. The OrgId field is not available now.
The Contacts and their relations to Accounts are now stored in different objects.
To import Contacts with the relations to Accounts you have to do the following:
Select the Contacts table as the Target objects, click the +Related button and select the AccountContactAssociations:

After that the AccountId field will become available for mapping:

Please note, that in this case the import is performed into two separate tables, imported records will be counted separately.
For example if the package successfully imported 1 contact with relation to account,  there will be 2 records counted in the package run history: 1 for imported contact and 1 for its relation to account. 

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

Best regards,

Customer Support Engineer