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Shad Mickelberry posted this 06 April 2021


I at least our Account id is 67056. Or rather when I go to our Account page the url is:


I am a user on this Account but not the Admin. I believe Scott Guild is the Account Owner ( but he has no idea how he logged in. We tried Salesforce but he wasn't seeing the subscription or packages for our Account. 

I do not see other users as I am not an admin. Can we get some help please in figuring out what email/login is associated with this account?

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Olena Romanchuk posted this 07 April 2021

Hello Shad, 
The response to your question was sent by e-mail. 
Should you have any questions please contact us back. 

Shad Mickelberry posted this 08 April 2021

Got it and thank you.

I believe the issue was the Default Workspace was marked as private and I didn't understand how those permissions worked.


Thanks again