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Alfred Ricci posted this 21 September 2021

Using the Google Sheets connector, I set up an export.

I'm looking to automate this, so I would like to add a download. Currently, I have to go into the "Log", open the history details and click the file to download.

I tried to set up a "Task" to "Target" the export to my local HD, but that is not an option.

Referring to this:

The only automation option is to export to the provided "Target" options?

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Nataliia Nikulina posted this 24 September 2021

Hello Alfred,

Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team. 

If you want to automatically download a file to a specific folder on your PC, this option is not achievable with CSV file(s) downloaded locally (My PC option). In this case, the file can be downloaded manually only. You can export files to any of the supported file storage if you don't want to load a file manually.

Find more information below:


Skyvia allows you to set a schedule for a package to execute it automatically. This might be useful if you want to configure data loading operations to run periodically or if you want to delay an operation to a later time.


Follow the link below to know how to create a package for automatic execution and about export function:


Let us know if we may help you more.   


Best regards,


Customer Support Engineer