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Laurent Michel posted this 30 January 2020


I have problem on 1 flow due to a modification y other on salesforce
Today we don't have custom alert when for this example the majority are in error, is it possible to have alertes or notifications for imports or export ? or to have a recap by mail with all ? 

Also, for backup, is it possible to save files during 1 month for example ? (if we need to import again an old flow) 

we use CSV on ftp to salesforce


Thank you for your help

Mariia Zaharova posted this 31 January 2020

Hello Laurent!


Currently, Skyvia sends email notifications in the following cases:

• When an integration package fails to execute completely (no records are loaded successfully).

• When an export package fails to export records from one or more objects.

• When a backup package fails to backup data from one or more objects or fails completely.


For more details please refer to this link.


As for backup retention, a Backup package stores all the backups it made until you delete them or until you delete the backup package itself. If it is not what you mean, please clarify your questions.


Best regards,