Can't do 2 connexions

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Gilles Heber-Suffrin posted this 27 March 2018



I have a trouble, I would like to try an export for my contact from Freshdesk to a CSV file on one of my FTP and I've only selected one field :  "contact" and I've done 2 connexions only, my Freshdesk and my FTP, and when I run the Export, I have an error who say that i can't do more than 2 connexions simultaneously as you can see on the screenshot :




Can you help me to find why it doesn't work ?

Thank you,


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 28 March 2018

We have checked logs for this package. This is an FTP issue and is related to the FTP server restrictions on number of allowed connections. Please check this on your side and notify us about the results.

Gilles Heber-Suffrin posted this 28 March 2018

Oh ! All right I didn't imagine that it could be the FTP fault, all right, I will check, thank you for you time. I will do a reply when it's done.