Can you use upsert to insert only new records?

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Cody Saunders posted this 19 July 2018

I am using the free plan and was wondering, if I wanted to schedule imports to salesforce from a databse using upsert, only the records that were inserted/updated would count towards the ammount of records I have available, correct? 

Pavel Triapsha posted this 20 July 2018


For Upsert, every Source row either inserted (if a null value is provided for Id mapping) or updated (if a not null value is provided for the Id mapping). And the number of records successfully inserted/updated in the target objects or tables is counted. For each package run, you can find the number of records used in the package Run History.

In order to save your daily record limit, you can import only recently added data.

Please refer to (Workaround for Relational Databases paragraph):




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