Cannot convert 'string' to 'datetime'

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Thomas Partridge posted this 23 November 2021


I am attempting to use the Google Sheets connector to pass date from Google Sheets into Salesforce. I am getting errors about the date fields in the Mapping Definition in Skyvia - I have tried many iterations of date formatting within the Google Sheet but still get this error when I map the column. Format for the Run ID provided below was YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, have also tried DD/MM/YYYY.

I've attempted to use the Expression datetime("Close Date"), but I get the error below when I run the package. I want my dates to be sent to Salesforce in DD/MM/YYYY format. Can you help?


Error message: Cannot convert 'string' to 'datetime'

Package Name: "Sales Orders import - Google Sheet"

Run Id: 73603532



Olena Romanchuk posted this 26 November 2021

Hello Thomas, 

We are sorry for the delay with reply. 
We have checked your package and have tried to reproduce the issue on our side, but it works fine with us. 
Could you please share the sample file or examples of data with us to try it on our side?

We look forward to your reply

Best regards,


Technical Support Engineer