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Jasmin Tomahogh posted this 27 April 2020

I've got a general question about using Skyvia, via company account, to control the interface. There you've got the option, giving other/further users an access, via user authorization. Unfortunately we determined, that ultimately only the account owner's able to control and manage the integrations or packages.

So the question arises, what's the benefit of assigning an admin permission? At least there're 3 colleagues, who're taking care of our instances, but all of them have to log in with the company account. While using their own access, they're not able to manage integrations while having an error e.g.

Is it possible to assign additional/further admin users to the company account, in order to log in with their own access (via email address and password)?


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 27 April 2020

Hello Jasmin,

We have contacted you by email.


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