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Grant McInnes posted this 2 weeks ago

I am trying to insert an email address on the contact record in G-Suite but am running into the following error:

The value of the column Emails has incorrect JSON format.

I found a support ticket from 2021 here

but according to Googles documentation:

The Contacts API was turned down on January 19, 2022. Use this guide to learn about changes to fields, endpoints, and authorization scopes as you migrate to the People API.


So can you provide an updated example of the json required to add an email address to a new contact please?

I have tried this but it throws an error:
{"value":"[email protected]","type":"Work","displayname":"U U"}




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Serhii Muzyka posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Grant,

Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support!


After reviewing your package, we can see that you have successful runs. Is your question still relevant? If so, have you tried our recommendation to use the following expression from the thread you found on our forum?

Also, see more helpful examples that may help you create your own expressions here:


Best regards, 


Technical Support Engineer 

Grant McInnes posted this 3 days ago

You can close this ticket.