Connection to SQL Server.

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Ivan Ivan posted this 28 August 2017

I get an error when I want to connect to SQL Server. The connection data is provided by the hosting.


Where should I write the connection port?

Should the server be written with name or IP?


I need help to create a SQL Server connection.

I attached image of the error.


Thanks in advance.

A greeting.


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 28 August 2017

When working with SQL Server connections, the main requirement is that your SQL Server database must be available through the Internet. If connecting to database on the local computer, it is required to allow such connections in your firewall. 
If connecting to a computer in the local network, it is necessary to use port forwarding.
Please refer to:


Also, you can try using the following value for the Server connection parameter:

tcp:IP\named instance,1433

IP - is an external IP address of your SQL Server
named instance - your named instance. Please contact to you SQL Server administrator to get this value
1433 - port, on which SQL Server is listening. 1433 is a default port. If SQL Server is listening another port, you should change it for corresponding one.

Please tell us if this information helps.

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Ivan Ivan posted this 28 August 2017

Thanks for your quick response.

Your help has helped me and the SQL Server connection is now correct. The error was in the port, did not know where to write it. But now it is informed and working.


Very thanks for your help.

A greeting.