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paul Shuster posted this 02 October 2017

I was ready to purchase a subscription as we are not ready to impliment.  However I was able to connect for a few minutes , edit some mapping but coulkd not save.  I have been tryng to connect for over an hour ( 20 Eastern Time (New York) without success.  Connection to Salesforce is OK but not to our server.  I had this problem several months ago and hoped it was resolved.


I am using Port 22,  and user name and password authentication.  I am getting the same problems I had back in May which is incosistent connectivity.


I have added the 2 different errors I am getting ( it seemed to chage when I was connected and then a different errer.


Nothing has been changed on our server and I connected twice today, but it takes dozens of attempts.


These problems are happening around 3 pm Eastern time (New York).


I connected around 3:20 and then lost the connection and could not reconnect. 

 Error around 3:15 was:

Socket read operation has timed out after -1 milliseconds


Error at 40 p.m. Eastern is:

Error getting objects!


A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond


I can connect to Salesforce without problems but it seems Skyvia is have the same problems connecting to our server we had in May.  You seemed to fave fixed thisgs then and I have not been using Skyvia sisnce as awe were building outr application.  Now that we are ready to deploy ( and purchase Skyvia Lincense) we are have the problem again.  Nothing on our server has changed and I have had 2 successful connections in the past few hours, but it takes 30-50 attempts each time.

Mariia Zaharova posted this 03 October 2017

We didn't make any changes with SFTP connection since May (the connection timeout was increased in order to resolve your issues). Due to the mentioned aspects, such as 

These problems are happening around 3 pm Eastern time (New York).

this issue is not related to Skyvia. Generally, such issues are related to server side or internet provider. We recommend you to check your SFTP server and intenet provider (server overload, bad network, etc.). Also, try the same steps (at the same time, 3 pm EST) with another tool, not Skyvia.

Best regards,