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Radu Ghitescu posted this 03 October 2022


We're trying to find the best way to organise assets, accounts and permissions on Skyvia based on "environments" (to replicate our internal infrastructure). With our current understanding, we believe that an appropriate way would be to have a "dev" workspace and a "prod" workspace. Our main use case is a synchronization package, so this package would be in both.

What I'm not clear is if it's possible to copy / clone / move a package from one workspace to another? We've got a lot of fields to map in the sync tasks and replicating those would be pretty painful.


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 04 October 2022

Hello Radu,


Thank you for contacting us.


Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no possibility to move/copy objects between workspaces. This feature is on our roadmap. We will post here when this feature is implemented and available in Skyvia.


Best regards,


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