CRM Dynamics - An unexpected error occurred

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Gabriel Longarai posted this 3 weeks ago

Please, I need you to detail the runtime error below.

Run Id 66744717

Olena Romanchuk posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Gabriel, 

We have investigated the issue, according to the package log, the error occurs when you try to get the deleted records from the Source. 

This feature may be disabled or your account has no right to perform this action. The auditing feature has to be enabled in Dynamics 365 to perform this action. You can check if it is enabled for the replicated object with the following query:

SELECT objectid as' PK_Name 'FROM audit WHERE objecttypecode = 'opportunity' AND operation ='3' AND createdon > '01 -07-2020 104:48'

You can set your own createdon value, the specified date in the query is the example. 

Please find the information on how to enable auditing here

Please inform us if it works for you.