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Andrew Ditty posted this 12 March 2021


My client has very specific formatting needs for their CSV files. We are exporting these CSVs for an ETL tool which is limited, as a core part of our integration and a core part of the project as a whole. In our package, 118001 for the ChargentOrders_ChargentOrder__c object, we need the first line of the CSV to be "ResLedgers" alone with the column headers on the second line.

Please find attached an example of what the client requires. We have the columns renamed through SQL. The custom first line is the only remaining requirement.

Is it possible to make this change? 

Thank you,

Andrew Ditty

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 12 March 2021

Hello Andrew,


Thank you for contacting us!


Unfortunately not, this cannot be done at the moment.


Best regards,


Jacob Killian posted this 25 May 2021

I'm not sure what you're going for with the first line of the CSV being "ResLedgers", but there are other ways to handle this type of categorical metadata - put in the filename is one hack I use frequently if there's only one attribute I need to pass - then parse it out of the filename on the other end.