CSV Export - Write to Dropbox Subdirectories

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Skyvia Integration posted this 12 December 2017

Hello - 

I currently have an extract that needs to write to subdirectories in Dropbox, but I can only see the top - level directory (home) that the user is assigned to. How can I read / write to directories that are below that first level that are available?

As an example, my user login has access to a directory called /MainDirectory, which contains folders

  • /MainDirectory/Import
  • /MainDirectory/Export

However, I can only see the "MainDirectory" folder, and I cannot explore the Import or Export folders. Is there a way to do this?



- Nick

Simon Bubnov posted this 13 December 2017

 You can use a subfolder in an export package:

1. Select Dropbox as a target and your Dropbox connection.

2. Right below the connection there is a Folder box. Expand the drop-down list and you will see the list of folders in your Dropbox.

3. If you click on MainDirectory, then MainDirectory is selected. You need to click on the folder icon near MainDirectory. It expands the list of subfolders, and you can select the Import or Export folder. Click on any folder to select it.

Please take a look at the screenshot http://prntscr.com/hmxda5