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Josh Lukins posted this 06 April 2018

I am just starting using the Skyvia - Mailchimp integration.

I have got a basic sample csv working but am now wanting to map my subscribers to different interest groups based on what is in the CSV. I have no idea how to achieve this. Is there any documentation for this process?


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 06 April 2018

Please try performing these steps (sample for MailChimp API Ver3):

1) Create new Import package with the CSV file as a source and MailChimp connection as a target.

2) Add new task, select your CSV file

3) Select InterestGroups

4) Set mapping for required columns:

a) To get ListId you can use:

- http://kb.mailchimp.com/lists/managing-subscribers/find-your-list-id

- Skyvia Query Tool  (SELECT "Id", "Name" FROM "Lists")


b) The values for the InterestGroupCategoryID field can be found in the InterestGroupCategories table. You can either set the necessary value for this field via the Constant mapping or use the Target Lookup mapping.

JIC: Open Query Tool and execute this query on your MailChimp connection to see all available data in the InterestGroupCategories table:

SELECT t.*  FROM InterestGroupCategories AS t

c) Specify Name (for example, via Column mapping or Constant mapping).


5) Save the package.


If this doesn't help, please specify the MailChimp API version you are using, send us sample of your CSV file (so that we are able to see its structure) and we will provide you with all possible solutions.

Josh Lukins posted this 09 April 2018

Thanks Mariia - that is helpful but it wasn't really what I was asking. I wasn't very clear in my initial post.

I am trying to add people to different Interest groups based on values in the CSV.

I am using Target: ListMembers (Insert) with API v3

I've tried mapping to a column and I've tried using the id of the InterestGroup.

I keep getting the error:

An exception has occured during insert operation, the message returned from the provider is: The value for property 'Interests' of table 'ListMembers' is not valid. The value must have a valid JSON object format.


Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 April 2018

Thank you for these details! The values in the Interests field must be in the JSON format, for example:


{"df5fc2fbcc":true, "d8ca4f3ef6":false}

{"df5fc2fbcc":true, "d8ca4f3ef6":true}


So, please try using this format, e.g. use this value for your Constant mapping:



Please tell us if this helps.