Csv number not loading correctly

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María Romero posted this 15 March 2022


we are using skyvia data integration tool, and we have a problem loading one csv file into a salesforce org. The fields we are having problems with are currency type.

In the csv file we have two fields: net amount, and total amount. Some of the records have only one decimal place (for example 30085.3) and some others have two (19547.05). These with two decimal places are the ones we are having errors with.

When we upload the csv we see in our salesforce org that the number is 1.954.705,00 (instead of 19547.05).

Any help would be appreciated. Best regards.

Nataliia Nikulina posted this 28 March 2022

Hello Maria,


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team.

On my end i was able to successfully update the decimal numbers if they contain comma instead of dot, for example 

19547,05 instead of 19547.05

If this does not help, please send us the package link so we can further investigate the package details.

Please update us about the results.


Best regards,


Customer Support Engineer