Data Flow is not transferring contact information to Target ERP

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  • Last Post 27 June 2022
Hans Graubard posted this 21 June 2022

Upon submitting a form for contact information, the dataflow should transfer all information in parameters to the desired table. However, it is not successfuly tranfering information when filling out the contact form from hubspot. 

I am not an expert in SQL or using Skyvia, I am not fully aware what is the problem. But the test run on skyvia seems to be working just fine


Nataliia Nikulina posted this 27 June 2022

Hello Hans,

Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team. 

We have reviewed your package and there are several issues related to your Data Flow set up. To determine the number of success and error records, you need to use the Row Count component in the necessary place of your Data Flow. These components count the processed records and place the result into a variable. You need to create the necessary variables and specify them in the corresponding Row Count component. For counting success records, you can add a Row Count component after each of your Target components, loading data to a data source, and connect them to Targets’ regular outputs. To get the number of error records, you need to add Row Count components to Error outputs of components, where records may fail. Then click Result on the toolbar and the Result sidebar opens, and there you can specify how the number of success and error rows are calculated. Follow the link below to know more about Results in Data flow:

Kindly update us about the results. 

Best regards,