Data Integration - NetSuite to SQL Incremental Data Sync

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Snehal Shah posted this 09 December 2019


I want to copy data between NetSuite to Azure SQL with incremental mode. But All Netsuite's tables don't have "DateCreated" or "LastModifiedDate" columns which throwing below error while running Job.

The source object 'TimeSheet' has neither 'dateCreated' nor lastModifiedDate column and cannot be used when the 'Incremental Updates' check box is selected.


Please let us know how can we copy database with incremetal mode.


Mariia Zaharova posted this 09 December 2019

Hello Snehal!


Both fields - "dateCreated" and "lastModifiedDate" - are required for performing replication with the "Incremental Updates". These fields are used for data changes tracking.

Skyvia works with NetSuite via its API and uses a schema that is provided by Schema Browser. Unfortunately, some NetSuite objects do not have these fields. Such objects can be used only in Replication packages without an "Incremental Updates" option.


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