Data not syncing across multiple environments

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Troy Theobald posted this 19 October 2022


When trying to sync to multiple environments from a common source we can only sync one environment properly.  Seems like the tracking store gets confused and will not allow more than one environment to sync at at time. 


We will wipe and sync DEV, then wipe and sync TEST, then wipe and sync PROD.   Only PROD will get future updates synced. 

Serhii Muzyka posted this 21 October 2022

Hi Troy, 

Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support. 


On the first run, we create an internal cache between the source and the target objects with their IDs and tracking store table in the database. It's all tied to these two tables. When you try to sync the same source table into another in a separate package, there will be confusion.

Unfortunately, both way synchronization can't be used for your scenario.

Please see more about Synchronization process here:


Should you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Best regards,


Technical Support Engineer