Dear to BigQuery - incremental updates not working

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Jo Einarsson posted this 20 October 2021

I am in the process of testing Skyvia and I have set up replication packages in my account and for some reason when Skyvia replicates data from Dear to BigQuery it is not using incremental updates and instead is appending all of the data again to the BigQuery table instead of just loading updated records. Any reason why this is happening? I can't see any settings I can change to fix this. The docs on Dear to BigQuery claim that the products table supports incremental updates as there is a field UpdateDate in the products table of Dear any help here would be great.

Olena Romanchuk posted this 21 October 2021

Hello Jo,

If you select the Incremental Updates check box, Skyvia performs a full replication (copying of all the data) only the first time the package is run. During subsequent replications Skyvia detects data that were changed in your cloud app since the last package execution and then applies these changes to your database. It deletes records that were deleted in the cloud app since the last package execution, updates records that were updated and inserts the newly inserted records.

Please view more details here

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