Deleted salesforce records not deleting in SQL

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Josh Faul posted this 2 weeks ago

A couple of examples of OpportunityLineItem records from Salesforce are not getting deleted in SQL, with a replication package.  Package ID 161498, should have deleted OpportunityLineItem with Id of 00k5f000012a5uxAAA, as it was deleted from within Salesforce on 4/18/22.  Another example Id: 00k5f000012a79kAAA was deleted on 4/20/22.  I've made another package 164904, with just that object and ran it (run 91759595), resetting the LastSyncTime to 4/1/22, which should have picked up and resolved the deletions, but did not.  

Please help me understand what is happening, and help to resolve.

Thank you,


Olena Romanchuk posted this 4 days ago

Hello Josh, 

We are investigating the case. 
I will revert to you with the result as soon as possible. 

best regards,


Technical Support Engineer