Dynamics 365 GUID for ID

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Tiffany Duppong posted this 18 June 2019


I'm trying to do an upsert of data from Salesforce to Dynamics 365. The problem I'm running in to is that I can't map any GUID data (unique ID collumns) in Dynamics to anything in Salesforce. 

For example, if I want to map Owner, Account, or Account Manager, all three are GUID types. But all of those same fileds in Salesforce are WSTR types. 

I've attempted to use Colum Mapping, Relationship Mapping, and Target Lookup mapping, none have worked. Relationship Mapping will allow me to save the import, but then the import will fail when I try to run it. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Mariia Zaharova posted this 19 June 2019



This is an expected behahiour. These columns have different data types and values in Dynamics CRM and Salesforce and cannot be mapped directly.

You need to use Lookup or Constant mapping here.


The OwnerId (Owner) is related to your Dynamics CRM organization and cannot be assigned with the values from Salesforce.

If you remove the mapping for this column in the task, the necessary OwnerId will be inserted automatically based on the used Dynamics CRM connection. 

Also, you can query all possible OwnerIds via Query Tool (SELECT "OwnerId", "Name" FROM "owner") and use the necessary value in import as constant value.


If you have Owner in Salesforce with the same name as in Dynamics CRM, you can try using the Lookup mapping: https://skyvia.com/resources/docs/index.html?lookup_mapping.htm


For example, something like this:


As for Relation mapping, it is recommend to use it when you have several tasks in one package, i.e. Accounts, Contacts, etc. We recommend you to look at the predefined package "Import Salesforce data to Dynamics CRM" in the Gallery:



Also, take a look at Skyvia docs: