Dynamics 365 replication weird behavior

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Caio Azevedo posted this 12 March 2021

As a CDO in a fintech company in Brazil, I bought one-month skyvia service to better test it once I am seriously considering use it to feed our data lake as most of our data are from CRM Dynamics 356, Google Analytics, Pipedrive, SAP, and excel files hosted in S3 buckets.

During the homologation process in a scheduled replication package from Dynamics to a PostgreSQL database, after three days of successful replication, I disabled it. One day later I enabled it again and surprisingly all rows were updated not only the difference as usual but all of them and thus the row limit was surpassed by far. Is it right? How can I avoid it? I expected only the changed data to be updated. It seems that we can never stop or disable a package otherwise we are going to be overwhelmingly billed.

Looking forward to hearing from you..


Caio Azevedo

Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 17 March 2021

Hello Caio,

Thank you for contacting our Skyvia Team.

Here is the analysis of the latest run for your replication package.

Most rows were updated and there were few new rows migrated for the first time.

Skyvia uses LastSyncTime parameter and modifiedon/createdon fields to check if the record is new/updated or not. You can find more details about replication package here.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us back.

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