Error log not giving the line that errored

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Ramtin Sohrabian posted this 02 September 2022

Hi, I am doing an import into Salesforce and roughly 6000 of the 120000 lines failed. The output of the error log gives me no information on the line that threw an error. Just just that "A" line errored. I don't like guessing games so this is useless and leaves me with no way to troubleshoot. Is this a bug? Or a feature shortfall? Is there a way to get the error log to simply tell me which line in my csv threw an error and why?


Run Id



Sep 2, 2022 6:27:07 PM

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska posted this 5 weeks ago

Hello Ramtin.

Thank you for contacting us.

In cases when you can not see the error description you can contact us so that we will provide you all details. In this run you have got issues listed below:

1. Field integrity exception: Quantity (quantity must be nonzero).

This error says that Salesforce does not allow specific fields (i.e. opportunity line items value) to have a value of 0, please change the quantity to a non-zero number.

You can also contact Salesforce support and refer to this link

2. Foreign key external ID: ******* not found for field Netsuite_Sales_Order_ID__c in entity Opportunity

Although the Netsuite_Sales_Order_ID__c column is mapped to an ExternalId column, it looks like there is no match between Netsuite_Sales_Order_ID__c and OpportunityID columns.

It is necessary that the Source Column (Netsuite_Sales_Order_ID__c) match the External ID Column in order to find and insert an OpportunityID value for the following mapping (see attached screen).

3. No record found for the specified lookup condition.

To use the Lookup mapping, you need to have a column (or a set of columns) that uniquely identifies a record, other than the primary key or Lookup Column.

Please try to select another field in Lookup Key column.If error returns please check whether the proper record for lookup condition exists.

Could you please check and let us know the result.

Best regards,

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska