Error when downloading CSV from filemask but works using single file

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Matt Blouin posted this 31 January 2023

I am receiving a download error while using FileMask only - the same file works when using "Single File" CSV mode.  It also seems to be finding the file correctly as the error code (in red) shows the exact file name.  I've attached an image below of Skyvia, and the file name from the SFTP site.


Mariia Zaharova posted this 01 February 2023

Hello Matt,


Thank you for contacting us.


According to the screenshots, you have this file - "Salesforce Trans_01-30-23.csv", however, Skyvia is looking for another one - "Salesforce Trans_01-31-23.csv" and this file does not exist.


When using a file mask and configuring the task, the file should exist according to the file mask and time zone being set in order to work correctly. For example, if you are configuring the task on January 31, Skyvia will look at the file according to the current time - "Salesforce Trans_01-31-23.csv". If you need to pick the file from the previous day, you should adjust the settings by specifying a corresponding time zone.


Please check more details here.


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