Error when syncing Salesforce to MySQL

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  • Last Post 21 November 2017
Will Stanway posted this 17 November 2017

When running a sync job between salesforce and mysql I get the following error:

SQLite error no such table:  tbl_nextofkin_Next_of_Kin__c_CacheID

If I set it up as it's own integration with one task it works. If I put it in an integration that has other tasks it fails.

Any help much appreciated!



Mariia Zaharova posted this 21 November 2017

There is a known issue related to such a scenario and we are working on it. We will contact you as soon as any news are available.

This error occurs in case when package previously had one task and was performed successfully, however, additional task was added later and the error occurred. The recommended option is to use separate packages for new tasks.