Errors with Salesforce Backup

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Diane Theberge posted this 19 December 2022


About a week ago my Salesforce backup began throwing errors (see attached)

what cvan we do to prevent these errors in the future.


Thank you.

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 20 December 2022

Hello Diane,


Thank you for contacting us.


Skyvia works with Salesforce via its API. Most of the errors that occur in your backup are related to Salesforce API peculiarities.   

For example, when Skyvia performs a backup or replication, it queries all the data from Salesforce (SELECT clause). There are objects in Salesforce, which require the WHERE condition in the query (simple SELECT * FROM Table is not suitable for such objects). These objects require different filter conditions (generally, the error message includes details regarding these filters):  

FlowVariableView: a filter on a reified column is required [FlowVersionViewId,DurableId]

Implementation restriction: ContentFolderItem requires a filter by Id or ParentContentFolderId using the equals or 'IN' operator

Can select only RecordId, a Has*Access field, and MaxAccessLevel 

FlexQueueItem | The WHERE clause must contain a JobType field expression. , etc.


Refer to:   


Generally, objects with such restrictions are system tables and contain not user's data, but data about other objects, columns, or service information. That's why these tables require specific filters in order to retrieve the necessary information. Please note, usually, these tables are read-only and thus cannot be used in a restore operation. 


Also, Skyvia cannot add filters automatically because each object has its own peculiarities and most filters are based on specific Id values, etc. It is recommended to exclude these objects from the backup.   

If these objects are required for your scenario, you can manually add filters to the tasks:


Best regards,