Exceeded download limit

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Australian NaturalCare posted this 3 weeks ago

We are live for the fisrt time on the $99 package (500K) which we are using to itegrate our wedsite with our CRM,and appear to have exceeded our limit.

This is critical as we cannot download orders so our business has stalled.

We are only processing approx 100 orders a day so we do not think we could have exceed our limit

Is there anyway we can get an urgetn  temporary facility while we resolve the situation

Mariia Zaharova posted this 3 weeks ago



As we can see you have already upgraded your plan to a Professional one.

Please note, you have several packages that run each hour and process 10-500 records each run. For import and replication, the number of records successfully added/modified/deleted in the target objects or tables, is counted. 


If we can assist you any further, feel free to contact us.


Best regards,