Export from Salesforce to FTP changes date format

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Federico Ciocca posted this 10 August 2021


I made a connection between Salesforce and one sftp, and package runs smoothly to export a set of data.

The issue is that the date format from the source (Salesforce) is DD-MM-YYYY, but the output file on the SFTP returns MM-DD-YYYY.

Is there a solution in Skyvia?



Nataliia Nikulina posted this 11 August 2021

Hello Federico,


Thank you for contacting Skyvia Support team.


Datetime format depends on the Locale settings being set in your Export task.  

If you need to change the datetime format of the data in cells in your output file, you can use an English (United Kingdom) option for such format.


Here are the steps to make the necessary changes:


Click a More options link in your package:

Select English (United Kingdom) option from a Locale dropdown list:

Save the changes and run a package.

  Let us know if the output fits your need.   Best regards, Nataliia