ExternalId Required should not be constraint NOT NULL

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William Bell posted this 22 December 2020

We have a Salesforce table that is ExternalId Required, and using replication you are setting the SQL Server table at NOT NULL on this field. Unless we set it to be unique, I don't think this should be set to NOT NULL.


Can you please fix your side?


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Mariia Zaharova posted this 23 December 2020


Hello William,


As we have already mentioned, Skyvia creates a target database table according to the current source schema and if the field cannot be null in the source, the same constraint will be added to the target table. The Required attribute means that the field cannot contain nulls:




We have a feature request for adding options for target schema creation. We don't have any ETA, however, we will definitely inform you when it is implemented.


Best regards,



William Bell posted this 29 December 2020

This is not true. If you create a table will nulls, and later add the field o change it, salesforce does not go back and fix it.