Fields Not Showing For Sync Mapping

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Athena Alliance posted this 09 April 2020

On our SF Contact sync, several fields are not showing even though they are available for our SF Contact replication configuration.

Example: "General_Coaching_Minutes_Purchased__c" and "Paid_Trade__c" -

  • these are available in our corresponding replication configuration that points at the same Salesforce instance.
  • neither is a new field
  • these are the same field type as other fields added to the field sync.
  • these fields are all visible on the SF page layout

Can you clarify what might be causing the issue?

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 10 April 2020

Hello Marcus,


We have checked the metadata of your connection and these fields are there. Such an issue may occur in case when these fields are marked as read-only in Salesforce. In this case, fields are available for data retrieval (e.g. Replication package), but not available for insert/update in Import and Sync packages.

Please kindly check these links: , etc.


Best regards,


Athena Alliance posted this 10 April 2020

Hi Mariia,

Thanks for the reply! 

We've confirmed the user accessing this has full access to these fields per your links.

Additionally, we're able to log in and edit these fields.

So, it doesn't appear this is the issue. 


It may be helpful to know that these fields have a matching field configuration with several fields that are available for us to map from Skyvia. For example:

  • General Coaching Minutes Available - can NOT map
  • Transformation Minutes Available - CAN map
  • General Coaching Minutes Purchased - can NOT map
  • Transformation Minutes Purchased - CAN map


At the moment, it doesn't look like an issue on the Salesforce side...




Mariia Zaharova posted this 13 April 2020

Hello Marcus,



Thank you for your reply.


Please create a new Salesforce connection and check whether the fields are available with the new connection. 

If the issue is still actual, try detecting the difference between fields mentioned above and send us the description of these fields (all steps to create in Salesforce), so that we are able to check this from our side.


Best regards,