Foreign key error

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Joel Austin posted this 23 November 2021

 I am replicating QB table to MySQL.  I accidentally replicated the invoice before i replicated the customer containing a new customer record.  Skyvia correctly errored out the invoice load.  I then re-sync'd the customer table and then re-sync'd the invoice table, but the row that errored out the first time, did not get loaded now the the ref. integrity is there.  Please advise how to get the error'd data loaded.



Olena Romanchuk posted this 26 November 2021

Hello Joel,

 If you need to keep all the relations between objects in the database, then you should reset the LastSyncTime parameter and run the package with Create Tables, Drop Tables and Create Foreign Keys options enabled. In this case the full replication will be performed and all the replicated objects will be dropped and created again with their relations. Please inform us about the result.

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