FTP: Rename and map fields

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Lukas Reindl posted this 06 April 2021

I need to export SObjects from Salesforce to a specific csv format on an ftp server.
The Problem I am facing, is that I need to rename fields, order them and additionally add some empty entries.

The empty fields part can be done in SF, thus not that important right now. My bigger problem is the Fieldnaming.

Is a rename possible and I am just too blind for it?


Thanks a lot!

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Olena Romanchuk posted this 07 April 2021

Hello Lukas,

At the moment users are not able to rename fields in export packages. This feature is planned to be released this quarter 
Currently we can do it on our side. 

We would appreciate if you compose a SQL query in Query Builder that will produce results according to your desired result (with custom column names, joins, filters). It is better for you to do it to avoid inaccuracies in the result. After composing the query in Builder, please switch to the SQL tab and send us generated SQL query and we will try to switch your Export package to this query.


We are looking forward to your reply.

Lukas Reindl posted this 07 April 2021

Hello Olena,

Thank you very much for your reply.
We are switching to integromat since needing your involvment on every change is not sustainable for us.

I would recomment your dev team to check out their mapping tools. It would be a great benefit to your product