Get custom field values from Asana tasks

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David Cook posted this 05 April 2021

I'm new to Skyvia but the company I work for is interested in using your service to automate reports.

I'm currently trying to import Asana tasks into a BigQuery table for analysis. I do not appear to be able to correctly map the custom fields to the necessary field in BigQuery.
I believe that the issue is the way in which the data is nested in Asana's API response.

Here is an example of a custom field response:

          {     "gid""782786653325514",                 "enabled"true,                 "name""Deal Value",                 "numbervalue"3000,                 "precision"2,                 "createdby": {                     "gid""34519764825689",                     "name""Reinart Bacalso",                     "resourcetype""user"                 },                 "displayvalue": "3000.00",                 "resourcesubtype""number",                 "resourcetype": "customfield",                 "type""number"             }

Since the custom
fields value is an array of similar objects, I would need to perform a source lookup to retrieve the correct entry in the array and then pick off the display_value entry.   The only options that I can see on Skyvia are the following: Description, EnumOptions,Id,Name,Precision,Type,WorkspaceId.

Could you let me know if I am missing something and if it is possible to achieve what I am trying to do?


Olena Romanchuk posted this 08 April 2021

Hello David,

Could you please clarify, 
Are you trying to get from the example the one '3000' value and send it to one field in BigQuery and to do the same with other custom fields?
Did we understood your scenario correctly?