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Ronnie ├ůstrand posted this 2 weeks ago


I am trying to get the REST API to work but I am not able to get the metadata correct and therefor I am not getting any data back.
Can someone point me in the right direction, how would metadata look it where to get the employee from the example below ?

Would really appretiate som help

Olena Romanchuk posted this 2 days ago

Hello Ronnie,

We are sorry for the delay with reply.

To connect to the API example please do the following:

1. Create new REST connection
2. Specify the URL: 
3. Select the Authentication: None
4. Specify the metadata by copying the following text 

{  "ProviderConfiguration" : {




  "Metadata" : [






      "ResultPath": "data",

      "Columns" : [

          {"Name": "Id", APIPath: "id", "DbType":"Int32", "Primary": true, "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "EmployeeName", APIPath: "employee_name", "DbType":"String", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "EmployeeSalary", APIPath: "employee_salary", "DbType":"Decimal", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "EmployeeAge", APIPath: "employee_age", "DbType":"Int32", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "ProfileImage", APIPath: "profile_image", "DbType":"String", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false}       



    //end of Employees




5. Save the connection.  

Please inform us about the result.