Get data from REST API

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Ronnie ├ůstrand posted this 04 May 2021


I am trying to get the REST API to work but I am not able to get the metadata correct and therefor I am not getting any data back.
Can someone point me in the right direction, how would metadata look it where to get the employee from the example below ?

Would really appretiate som help

Olena Romanchuk posted this 12 May 2021

Hello Ronnie,

We are sorry for the delay with reply.

To connect to the API example please do the following:

1. Create new REST connection
2. Specify the URL: 
3. Select the Authentication: None
4. Specify the metadata by copying the following text 

{  "ProviderConfiguration" : {




  "Metadata" : [






      "ResultPath": "data",

      "Columns" : [

          {"Name": "Id", APIPath: "id", "DbType":"Int32", "Primary": true, "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "EmployeeName", APIPath: "employee_name", "DbType":"String", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "EmployeeSalary", APIPath: "employee_salary", "DbType":"Decimal", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "EmployeeAge", APIPath: "employee_age", "DbType":"Int32", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false},

          {"Name": "ProfileImage", APIPath: "profile_image", "DbType":"String", "Createable":false, "Updateable":false}       



    //end of Employees




5. Save the connection.  

Please inform us about the result.