get_date() expression in package errors as 'not valid'

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Stew Stremel posted this 15 October 2021

I have a timestamp field that I want to populate with the current date.  In my package I have it mapped to a Expression with the function call get_date() but the package errors out with:

The expression 'get_date()' is not valid: The column 'get_date' does not exist in the table 'GFPVAN_RHSC_RequisitionDownload_1.0_{yyyyMMdd}.csv'



Olena Romanchuk posted this 18 October 2021

Hello Stew,

Please try to select the new runtime check box on the package editor page and save the package. In this case the get_date() expression will work.

Please note that the expression syntax differ in old and new runtime. Packages, using old runtime, use SSIS expression syntax. You can find more information about main syntax differences in the Main Differences between Old and New Runtime Syntax topic.

Please inform us about the result.