Getting "Service Unavailable" message

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Drew posted this 22 April 2018

I have been attempting to run a Salesforce integration to a MySQL database for a few hours and get a "Service is unavailable" message. For both connections being utilized for the integration, test connections to both sides (Salesforce and MySQL database) come back as connected. For Salesforce, I confirmed the API requests haven't been exceeded. Is this message indicative of something on the Skyvia side or a Salesforce or MySQL issue? (UPDATE: See another post in the same timeframe as mine noting a similar issue - I am trying to run my integrations manually as well.)

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Mariia Zaharova posted this 23 April 2018

Sorry for the inconvenience with this. We have detected the reason of the issue and fixed it. 
At the moment, your packages should work without any issues.

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