Google Drive Connections and Packages for HubSpot import

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Ondra Bumbalek posted this 15 November 2022

Hi guys, wanted to kindly ask for help. I do my first import of CSV from Google Drive into HubSpot. I have about 20 CSVs which I would like to import on daily basis and each CSV is placed in separated folder on Google Drive (could be placed in one general if needed).

Each CSV should create new contacts in separated Hubspot lists. Do I have to create for each CSV separated "Import" and "Connections" which will take a CSV from specific folder? Potentially how can I define specific Google Drive folder for new connection?

Thanks a lot, Ondra

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska posted this 17 November 2022

Hello Ondra.


Thank you for contacting us.


If you are going to use the same Google Drive and HubSpot instances you don't need to create additional Connections. In this case you should create one Connection for one account.

If you want to import data from different accounts or to different HubSpot and Google Drive accounts - then you will need to create a separate connection for each of them.


Skyvia integration packages can include one or more tasks. Import task transfers data from a file, cloud application object, database table or view to one or more target tables or objects. So you can create different tasks within one Package.

In each Task, you can take different files from different folders of the same Google Drive connection within the Import Package. And the same way to transfer data to different objects of the same Hubspot connection.


While creating a Connection to Google Drive you don't need to select any folder. The path to the Google Drive folder you need must be specified at the stage of creating a Package in the Task editor.


Please find details about Import Package and Connections via the links below:


Please let us know if you need any additional information from our side.


Best regards,

Yevheniia Bilotserkovska