Help with 2 related needs to import record data from shopify into salesforce.

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Lorraine Johnson posted this 16 June 2020

Hi all


I am now creating my second ever skyvia and wanted to see if the following two related questions are possible with my connection from shopify to salesforce:


1. I am creating a contact from shopify orders which is working great. I now want to also create an opportunity for this record showing the sales price etc. To do this I did want to enable some kind of search to link the contact to the opportunity but not sure how to do this using skyvia (or if its even possible). How can I run a search looking for a shared and unique field and thought about the email field, is this possible? If not how else could this work? Or is it possible to create a contact and then create the opporutnity right after in one go using skyvia?


2. I want to search the contacts I'm making before putting them in, neither shopify or salesforce share an ID to allow this so waas thinking of using the email as the unique record, if it does it doesn't create one if it doesn't then it does is this possible?  


Any help much appreciated






Dmitriy Muzurov posted this 17 June 2020

Hello Scott,

Thank you for submitting a ticket with us.

1. Opportunity and Contact objects do not have direct relation. As a workaround you can create a custom field in Opportunity with the data type "Lookup Relationship" and select Contact object to which the relation is created.

After this, you can add another task to the package where contacts are migrated, to create a new opportunity from Shopify Orders with the help of relation mapping.

When performing import, Skyvia will import the parent (Contact) objects first and retrieve the ID values of the result contacts. 

When importing opportunities, it will automatically assign the ID values of the imported contacts in target, corresponding to the source objects that are related to the opportunities being imported.

Please find more details here.


2. This is possible with the UPSERT operation and lookup mapping. In Skyvia, UPSERT determines what action to perform in the following way: if a Null value is specified for the ID or primary key, UPSERT operation inserts the record, and if a non-null value is specified, UPSERT operation tries to update the record with the specified ID or primary key.

It's necessary to select the "Set null when no match found" check box in the lookup parameters for this scenario. We would recommend following this tutorial.


We are looking forward to hearing from you, should you have any questions.